AIP Building Control software

Specifically created for Registered Building Control Approvers and RBI's.

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AIP Key Points & Features

Updated regularly, the AIP Building Control software contains all the features required to:

  • Manage Building Control projects centrally;
  • Produce documentation, notices and correspondence;
  • Produce reports for BSR Operational Standards Rules monitoring arrangements/KPI's;
  • Monitor project progress at key stages;
  • Maintain full traceablity

AIP has all the facilities needed to produce figures for the BSR Operational Standards Rules monitoring arrangements, simplifying and streamlining collection of the reportable data and KPIs intended to identify whether Building Control Bodies, (BCB's), are operating efficiently and effectively. Standard reports, (including quarterly house building starts and completions), and all notices and certificates can be produced quickly and easily as well as the AIP software providing a mechanism to record all of the other necessary information to deal with Regulations, site inspections, key dates and other information that may be required.

Barnbrook software have been supplying Building Control software specifically created for Approved Inspectors, now RBCA's, for a number of years.
We continually receive excellent feedback from our customers regarding the AIP system and have helped customers migrate from other suppliers, existing in house systems as well as those implementing software for the first time.

We have a history of providing Building Control software and a solid understanding of legislation which means we are ideally suited to help and support RBCAs and we currently supply the AIP Building Control software to a number of RBCA’s across England and Wales with a growing customer base.

Our system, Approved Inspector Professional, is a specialised, one stop, fully managed solution designed specifically for RBCA's/RBI's with the facilities to produce figures for quarterly/annual monitoring/OSR's, standard reports, notices and certificates as well as record all of the other necessary information to deal with site inspections, key dates and other information that may be suggested or required by the BSR. The solution includes a full suite of standard reports, including the BSR OSR KPI's.

Our system is a fully managed solution which means that we take care of the hosting, database and maintenance for you. The software can be accessed from anywhere 24/7 using a fit for purpose internet connection and excels in providing usability, functionality, cost effectiveness, reliability and adaptability for our customers. The system isThe system is updated regularly at no extra charge, so our customers have the reassurance that they will continuously receive new features and updates without any additional or unexpected expense, and contains many features and functions to help you and your staff manage your Building Control projects, monitor their progress at key stages as well as maintaining a trail of activity and evidence for auditing.

Our customers receive dedicated technical support directly from developers who not only have a have an excellent understanding of the software but also a number of years' experience of working with Building Control professionals so that they have a good understanding of the process and the key stages set out in the regulations. We always react quickly to any changes to the Approved Documents or legislation and we work hard to make sure that our customers have the facility to meet the requirements of the BSR and the legislation.